? Mark Wagstaff, writer and author

Publications: 2011-2015

My Downstairs

CCLaP Weekender, 13 November 2015


Killing the Angel, Issue 4, October 2015

Loves Kills Slowly, The Old Bedlam, Wrong Alice

Three Pieces published on BANG! from The New Guard, June 2015

Pirates and Ghosts

The Stray Branch, Issue 15, March 2015

The Sonder Review, Issue 1,
September 2014

Hit the Switch

CCLaP Weekender, 29 August 2014

Burn Lines

Machigonne Fiction Contest Winner
The New Guard, Volume 3, April 2014

Some Secret Space

William Van Wert Award Winner
Cobalt, Volume 2, March 2014

Tethered by Letters, March 2014


Prick of the Spindle, Issue 5, December 2013

InkTears, November 2013

Tethered by Letters, January 2013

I Win Wars

Unbound Press Anthology: The Last Word, November 2012

The Forties

Prole Books, Prolitzer Prize for Prose Writing, October 2012

Ms Smith

Cobalt, Volume 1, August 2012

Cyclamens and Swords, August 2012


Colonsay Book Festival Flash Fiction Contest, May 2012

The Inhuman Fashion

The Long View

Static Presence

Bite Me, Robot Boy,
January 2012


Bite Me, Robot Boy,
January 2012

Death Ride Girl

Bite Me, Robot Boy,
January 2012

Stone Highway Review, Vol 1 Issue 2, January 2012

Riding Without a Ticket

Autumn in the Playground

Unbound Press Anthology: Story.Book, Winter 2011


Scissors & Spackle: Elenin, Vol 1
Issue 3, November 2011

Twisted Aces

The Big Issue in the North, Issues 896 and 897, October 2011

Chips and Everything

Creative Identity Anthology: I Think My Teeth Are Falling Out and Other Short Stories on Identity, July 2011

Spilling Ink Review, Issue 5, June 2011

Picnic Weather

Spilling Ink, Volume 1, May 2011

Far From Jupiter

Thematic Literary Magazine, Issue 1,
May 2011

Footnotes and Footlights

The Writer, Vol 124 Issue 2,
February 2011

Literary Magic Short Story Contest,
January 2011


An interview with
Mark Wagstaff

Hidden River Arts, April 2015

An interview with
Mark Wagstaff

The Sonder Review, Issue 1,
September 2014

An interview with
Mark Wagstaff

Thematic Literary Magazine, Issue 2,
July 2011


February 2011